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Guild Rules

This Guild is looking for honest and trusting people to make this game more enjoyable for all of us.  This guild is open to all aged groups as long as you can follow all the rules listed below.

  1. Gods of Valor is your only guild we don't want to have any members in any other guild or fraction. 
  2. Everyone must have a lvl 30 GRB toon linked and ready to go in the case we need them for GRB
  3. Everyone is expected to help during GRB if they are online we understand real life comes first
  4. Everyone is excepted to come when they are called by an officer or other guild members when they are in need of help.  This mean if the guild is taking a boss and darkies show up and it is asked in Guild Chat to join for Pvp if u are logged in we expect you to come and help.
  5. There will be no begging or foul langauge allowed in Guild Chat, Trade Chat or Area Chat as a Gods of Valor Guild Member.  Please help make our guild a respected guild.
  6. Everyone is expected to work together as a team member in this guild, when we are taking bosses the drop will be going to the leader of the union and all drops will go to the guild house, if this is not ok with you maybe Gods of Valor isn't the guild for you.  All drops will be either sold if it is a Darkie Drop for gold for Etin for the guild and all lightie items will be on sale in the guild house for DKP that will be earned by attend raid for the guild, GRB and pvping when asked by a officer.
  7. When it comes to farming for Etin is cost 5500 each week to keep the guild house the way it is people are expected to put some into the guild each week we have decided to give DKP to members that help with this but the rules for this are as follows you must give the Etin to a officer of the guild and you will only get a point when you hand in 500 etin at a time so save it up guys!!  This however does not include any Etin that is picked up in GRB when the guild is done GRB you are expected to turn in all the Etin that you have gotten to a officer as soon as you come out of the GRB.
  8. These Rules are made by all four officers of the guild and are up for changing at anytime with a group decision this guild is open too ideas and suggestion but the final decision is up too the officers and now one else.
  9. This Guild is not a democricy. We will do our best to listen to guild memeber but ultimately the decisions will be made the Guild Leader and Officers, they will decide what is best of the guild.

If you think that you can live with these simple rules we would love to have you apply to Gods of Valor

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